3. August 2016
This year’s edition of Berlin Atonal sees the introduction of the Projektionsraum, a site-specific panoramic installation-space each night displaying new works from a different artist. On Wednesday, Hong Kong and Berlin-based artist Carla Chan will present “The Melting Black”, a work exploring the dynamic between natural transformations and unpredictable computer ...
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19. July 2016
Berlin Atonal is happy to publically announce the remaining names added to its already overflowing roster of performances, aftershow parties, screenings and special presentations, while also releasing the daily schedule for the five big days and nights next month. Alessandro Cortini returns to the Kraftwerk after his overwhelmingly moving performance ...
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20. June 2016
Berlin Atonal’s second announcement adds more projects to its growing contingent of brand-new commissions, collaborations, world-premieres and video art – all to be presented in the Kraftwerk Berlin megacomplex this year in August. Founder of the EMS and pioneer of synthesiser technology Peter Zinovieff collaborates with renowned cellist Lucy Railton to ...
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7. June 2016
Berlin Atonal is delighted to host the Berlin edition of Autechre’s new live tour. Atonal and Autechre will invite some special guests for the Berlin show which will take place on the Null level of the Kraftwerk complex. Tickets are now available from here with more information on the event ...
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2. June 2016
Berlin Atonal Recordings is happy to announce two forthcoming releases, both featuring live cuts from two of the most talked about performances at the 2015 edition of the festival. Synthesiser genius Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric, Vilod, Moritz von Oswald Trio) and techno experimentalist Jacek Sienkiewicz (Recognition) combined for a stunning ...
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17. May 2016
The first release of names for Berlin Atonal 2016 includes a historical, world premiere Death in Vegas show. This specially conceived full audio-visual live performance unites psychedelic auteur Richard Fearless and artist and actress Sasha Grey over a love of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey. A long time in ...
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12. May 2016
The last New Codes before Berlin Atonal 2016 (festival ticket and line-up information released from 17. May) invites festival family-members as well as some fresh faces to the three rooms of Tresor, Globus and OHM on the night of Friday 26. June. Down in Tresor, the big news is Sigha performing ...
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24. February 2016
Berlin Atonal has just announced the 2016 edition of THE LONG NOW in combination with Berliner Festspiele’s MaerzMusik. The second edition of the event runs for 30 continious hours in the Kraftwerk, with world premiere presentations from Rashad Becker + Moritz von Oswald, Dan Vicente (Acronym), Caterina Barbieri and Robert Curgenven, an ...
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12. February 2016
Berlin Atonal is delighted to present – together with Berliner Festspiele’s MaerzMusik and Deutsche Grammophon – the world premiere public performance of Max Richter’s monumental SLEEP project at Kraftwerk Berlin. Following the tremendous success of the recorded versions of this project, the next phase sees Richter and team adapt the concept for an ...
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24. January 2016
The inaugural New Codes of 2016 welcomes in the new year by inviting more than twenty artists to descend upon the Tresor complex over two nights. Things start on Thursday 11 February when two of the most highly regarded label-collectives of 2015 join forces for a special combined showcase at ...
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9. November 2015
The first New Codes since Berlin Atonal 2015 is set to take over Tresor, Globus and OHM this November 13th. Leading the line is Minimal Wave founder, Veronica Vasicka, whose name is now synonymous with the best of spare, dark, minimal synthesised music – collecting everything from obscure EBM to ...
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30. August 2015
Berlin Atonal is proud to pick up on a tradition begun in 1984 with the publication of two volumes of live recordings from the 1983 edition of the festival. Those records bore witness to the most inventive, adventurous sounds of the festival, and therefore of their time, containing live bits ...
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3. August 2015
Hard tickets to the festival are available to purchase from Space Hall in Kreuzberg. Space Hall Zossener Straße 33 10961, Berlin Open 11:00 – 20:00 daily
28. July 2015
Pierre Bastien ‘Mecanology in 4 Rooms’ (2015), World Premiere Kinetic sound producing sculptures, amplifiers Pierre Bastien’s long-standing practice has involved transforming regular objects into dynamic rhythmic machines. In this site-specific formation he lets his percussive creations inhabit the labyrinthine basement of Kraftwerk.   Rainer Kohlberger ‘not even nothing can be free of ghosts’ ...
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12. July 2015
Thursday 20.08  18:00 Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay (2015) dir. Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins Berlin Atonal welcomes the directors of this lively film to its German premiere. The vivid documentary traces the origins of industrial music, from the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America’s thriving avant-garde scene, and features interviews with, among many others, ...
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7. August 2014
From 16:00 each day for the duration of the festival, the Kraftwerk industrial complex will be animated by a number of site-specific, audio-visual and kinetic installations. Each work was either specially commissioned for Berlin Atonal 2014 and the Kraftwerk space, or adapted to meet the specific aesthetic and spatial characteristics ...
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15. July 2014
As Berlin Atonal releases its schedule for the big 5 days in August, we are delighted to add a few more names to a lineup that is already bursting to the brim with special performances, premieres, massive A/V shows and more. Ike Yard is an early electronic acoustic group founded in ...
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1. July 2014
Berlin Atonal is delighted to announce that it will host the very first Cabaret Voltaire Official live performance in over 20 years. Throughout their long story beginning in Sheffield in 1978, Cabaret Voltaire, in its various iterations, have been credited with founding and destroying genres, introducing new musical technologies while ...
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