15. July 2014
Ike Yard, Monoton, 4D SOUND | Berlin Atonal 14

As Berlin Atonal releases its schedule for the big 5 days in August, we are delighted to add a few more names to a lineup that is already bursting to the brim with special performances, premieres, massive A/V shows and more.

Ike Yard is an early electronic acoustic group founded in 1979 in New York. They were prolific in the burgeoning music scene of that time, sharing gigs and practice rooms with the likes of New Order, Suicide and Michael Gira and bumping shoulders with Basquiat and Madonna. Their eponymous 1982 release on Factory Records has become a legendary object in its own right. Twenty eight years after their seminal debut (and only LP), they returned with a shockingly impressive new album and a powerful live show that has been described as “absolutely incendiary. Mind melting. Uncompromising and completely thrill inducing" (Dissensus). Stuart Argabright (percussion / synth / vocals), Kenneth Compton (bass / vocals / percussion) and Michael Diekmann (guitar / synth) come to Berlin for the very first time for this show.

The unmissable opening concert featuring a very special, one-off performance by Ensemble Modern + Synergy Vocals playing Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians, grows to historical proportions though the addition of another 2 rare and specially commissioned live shows. Konrad Becker a.k.a Monoton is the mastermind behind the 1982 release "Monotonprodukt 07”, singled out by The Wire as one of the 100 most influential records of the 20th century, describing it as among the "most important, distinctive albums in electronic music history". In this world premiere performance, Becker has developed a one-off live A/V show exploring with, through and against this seminal piece of music history. Joining him in the powerplant will be John Elliott, head of the highly acclaimed Spectrum Spools imprint, one third of the now defunct electronic trio Emeralds, one half of drone legends Outer Space and the single entity behind Imaginary Softwoods, his outlet for synth-rich music with infinite depth and texture. The Imaginary Softwoods tape releases have a gigantic cult following amongst those in the know and are due for a re-release on Archives Intérieures in 2014, while his very rare live shows are still spoken about (for example the now legendary performance at Labyrinth festival in Japan in 2013). He has prepared a special live show for this unique occasion.

Atonal is also happy to present the first showcase in Berlin on the groundbreaking 4DSOUND System. Developed by a team of engineers and sound designers in Amsterdam, the specially designed 4D system allows spatiality of sound to be designed in great detail by controlling parameters such as distance, elevation, angle and diffusion. These parameters can be controlled in real-time or edited in arrangement, as well as conditioned by the angle and direction of one’s movement in space. 4D introduces a creative practice of physicality, space and movement in music that has until now remained unexplored. To showcase on this system ATONAL 4D has invited Mexican composer/producer Murcof, Norwegian ambient master Biosphere and Raster-Noton stalwart Senking along with a specially commissioned installation by AntiVJ sound designer Thomas Vaquié.

Individual day tickets are now on sale. Each ticket allows the bearer entry into the entire complex for the duration of the day, beginning with the Atonal 4D performances on the 4D SOUND system (Thursday - Murcof, Friday - Biosphere, Saturday - Senking) and going all through the night with aftershow parties featuring new additions Scion (Live), ADMX-71 (Live), LADA (Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling), Killing Sound (Live), Stanislav Tolkachev (Live), Ninos Du Brasil (Live), Nuel and many more to be announced.

ORG Systems UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Frankfurter Allee 14
10247 Berlin