7. August 2014
Installations | Berlin Atonal 14

From 16:00 each day for the duration of the festival, the Kraftwerk industrial complex will be animated by a number of site-specific, audio-visual and kinetic installations. Each work was either specially commissioned for Berlin Atonal 2014 and the Kraftwerk space, or adapted to meet the specific aesthetic and spatial characteristics of this exceptional work of unconventional architecture.

presents PARSEC

PARSEC is a kinetic audio-visual machine consisting of 16 identical arms performing a generative composition based on swarm synthesis. Each arm equipped with light and sound producing entities, scattering abstract audio-visual patterns while being rotated. The core of the installation consists of a swarm synthesizer, 16 identical analogue and modular synthesizers programmed to perform swarm like behavior. This behavior can also be recognized in the movement of the arms and the light patterns produced by the machine. The installation plays with the sense of perception and results in a hypnotic and intense experience.

with 4DSOUND

A sound installation especially created for Berlin Atonal and using the unprecedented technological possibilities of the 4DSOUND system, Thomas Vaquié explores the spatial attributes of sound by controlling in minute detail parameters such as position, extension, angle, diffusion, and movement. Known for his sound design for the world renowned ANTIVJ visual collective, Vaquié investigates abstractly the properties of materiality through the unique properties and character of sound.

present Mnemonic Device

A massive unconventional screen acts as a gateway into remembrance, combining portions of memories with notions of futurity. Built from super-8 archival footage augmented by originally shot films, it evokes new narratives, dreams and false memories. A metaphysical experience of fragments of futures submerged in the past. This gateway comes to life triggered by audio remnants, played back from a broken record controlled by the viewer. Words start to mumble, sparking a stream of images. The aesthetic is dominated by the medium of the “analogue” cinema, extended with digital animation and interaction techniques. Mnemonic Device is a new work commissioned by Berlin Atonal.

presents Delta

Since ancient times, Delta, fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, has been represented as a triangle pointing upwards. Originating from the corresponding letter of the Phoenician alphabet, it is based on a hieroglyph representing a door. Delta, an installation part of the Echolyse project, is a work on the perception of space, exploring the possibility of a fictive three-dimensional space through a dematerialised door. Making use of the anamorphosis technique, the piece is based on a predetermined position of the spectator by the artist from which the audience will be able to visually reconstitute the geometrical symbol and discover the “pelures” (peelings) emitting from its very center of gravity.

present Pastoral

Pastoral is a play on outside and inside, the bucolic natural world with the industrial realities of the Kraftwerk space. Emerging as if from a rift in the architecture of the power plant, the visuals distort the natural environment into abstracted geometry, warped in a disorienting, gradually shifting architecture of image. Kirn's generative music and sound likewise deconstructs a portrait of the static harmonies of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, producing a musical space to match the visual. With each drawing on a deconstructed rendition of patterning, inspired by the use of repetition in the Beethoven piece, they produce a creative work that consumes itself, as the productive power of fossil fuel electrical generation has itself consumed its environment. Pastoral is a new site-specific work commissioned for Kraftwerk by Berlin Atonal.

ORG Systems UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Frankfurter Allee 14
10247 Berlin