3. August 2016
Installations + Screenings | Berlin Atonal 16

This year’s edition of Berlin Atonal sees the introduction of the Projektionsraum, a site-specific panoramic installation-space each night displaying new works from a different artist. On Wednesday, Hong Kong and Berlin-based artist Carla Chan will present “The Melting Black”, a work exploring the dynamic between natural transformations and unpredictable computer algorithms. Thursday sees American-based, Chinese Born artist Yuxi.Cao's “Macrocosm” on the screen. This work is based around self-generative software that directly generates digital artefacts which survive and evolve from simple to complex organic creatures based on their own immanent laws of interaction. On Friday, Luis Sanz brings his real-time “STM~Intemporal” visualization to the Projectionsraum, experimenting with acoustics, space-time, perception and visual imagery. Recent Arts, the collaborative project of Valentina Berthelon and Tobias Freund, arrives on Saturday to present “And so on to Infinity”. Sunday is devoted to the work of Rainer Kohlberger, the award-winning Austrian artist and filmmaker whose work investigates algorithmic compositions with reductionistic aesthetics influenced by flatness, drones and interference. He presents the latest iteration of his “Never Comes Tomorrow” project.

Running each day of the festival on the Null floor is the monumental new site-specific light installation from the minds of Marcel Weber (MFO), Andrej Boleslavsky and Roly Porter. Entitled “Acceleration Space”, the installation allows the viewer to experience non-physical motion through light and sound. Perceived movements ranges from slow to hyper-fast, from one-directional to layered to multidimensional. The installation is a metaphysical investigation into the mind's power to build a reality of an outside world - by sensorial impressions alone - immersing the visitor in a large-scale arrangement of strings of light custom-made for the space.

The Kraftwerk basement hosts a presentation of work by Rose Kallal, the New York based artist working with installation, sound and performance. Her immersive multiple 16mm film loop installations  are created using a wide range of technical processes, such as traditional animation techniques, video synthesis/feedback, and computer animation, in conjunction with Kallal's own trance-like sound work. The 16mm film loops cycle at varying speeds, to create a hypnotic nonlinear flow of repeating patterns both visually and sonically. Sabrina Ratté will also present her multi-screen video installation “Common Areas”, an interplay between the illusion of depth and the flatness of electronic patterns; vibrating lights and electrons give life to rigid architectures while creating an ever evolving space, punctuated by automated transitions. Black lines scan the image to reveal new dimensionalities of the architecture while emphasizing the tension between the screen surface and the depth of the space depicted.  

On Friday from 18:00, Stage Null will host a retrospective of Steina and Woody Vasulka’s early film and synthesised video works. After marrying in 1964, the Vasulkas moved to New York to found The Kitchen in Greenwich Village, which would become the most legendary multimedia centre in the world. The Vasulkas themselves are among the best respected video artists of the twentieth century, pioneering the nature of video technology, the camcorder and the monitor and all intermediary functions, whether in form of feedback or image synthesisers.

Back again is the Schaltzentrale, which will once again emerge within the former control room of the Kraftwerk running continuously from 20:00 to 01:00 over the course of the whole festival. Solely focusing on music done with modular synthesizers this floor will celebrate the sonic potential of these machines and the art of patching. In recreating an intimate studio rather than a concert atmosphere it allows artist to show a different side of their practise, and the audience an unusually close perspective on the process of making electronic music. The location is again cared for and supported by the experts of Alex4/Schneidersladen.


ORG Systems UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Frankfurter Allee 14
10247 Berlin