12. July 2015
Screening Programme | Berlin Atonal 15

Thursday 20.08 

Industrial Soundtrack for the Urban Decay (2015)
dir. Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins

Berlin Atonal welcomes the directors of this lively film to its German premiere. The vivid documentary traces the origins of industrial music, from the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America’s thriving avant-garde scene, and features interviews with, among many others, Cabaret Voltaire, Clock DVA, Throbbing Gristle, Z’EV and Orphx.

Friday 21.08

Tony Conrad presents
Selected Films 1965 – 2015

Tony Conrad will be performing a historical performance of his Outside the Dream Syndicate project on the night of Saturday 22. August, but before that interested festival-goers will have a chance to explore another facet of his wide-ranging and varied artistic practice, namely, experimental film. A bone-fide pioneer of both structural filmmaking and expanded cinema Conrad will himself guide the audience on a retrospective of his path-breaking and immeasurably influential film oeuvre in a performative, instructive lecture.

Saturday 22.08

Crossroads (1976)
dir. Bruce Conner

Berlin Atonal is proud to present a rare screening of legendary experimental collagist, sculptor and filmmaker Bruce Conner’s 1976 masterwork “Crossroads”. Made using archival footage of the first tests of nuclear weapons conducted at Bikini Atoll in the summer of 1946, “Crossroads” is considered one of the most iconic works in the history of the moving image. Both the film’s score and sound effects are supplied by seminal minimalist composer Terry Riley and synthesizer pioneer Patrick Gleeson which, combined with the dark beauty of the devastating images, produces a profound meditation on humanity’s capacity for destruction and violence.




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