20. June 2016
Second Announcement | Berlin Atonal 16

Berlin Atonal’s second announcement adds more projects to its growing contingent of brand-new commissions, collaborations, world-premieres and video art - all to be presented in the Kraftwerk Berlin megacomplex this year in August. Founder of the EMS and pioneer of synthesiser technology Peter Zinovieff collaborates with renowned cellist Lucy Railton to produce a new work for cello and electronics to be premiered during Berlin Atonal 2016. Configured spatially for the Kraftwerk hall, the work articulates a bold and luminous meshing of voices and a visceral encounter between a venerated technological innovator and one of today’s leading musical minds.
Moritz von Oswald and Rashad Becker present the second ever outing of their fathom project. Live piano is arranged, processed and reformed into sonic shapes which evolve and morph to fill the gigantic main stage. In an almost performative process, sound is transformed from its acoustic origins into mutated, hybrid simulacra at the hands of two of the world’s most respected sound engineers.
Atonal also readies two new collaborations pairing sonic and visual artists. Finish sound-provocateur Mika Vainio teams up with Swiss contemporary artist Daniel Pflumm for an audio-visual show, while Argentinian techno ace Jonas Kopp and award-winning experimental filmmaker Rainer Kohlberger join forces for the first action in Kopp’s monumental Telluric Lines project.
The festival is also proud to present a specially devised and brand-new live show from Porter Ricks, the legendary sound project of German producers Thomas Köner & Andy Mellwig. They are readying their first LP for two decades, following their seminal 1996 release Biokinetics on Chain Reaction and the 1997 follow up on Mille Plateaux. The album will be released in February 2017 on Tresor Records with an EP preceding it in September of this year. The live show at Berlin Atonal consolidates this new material and marks the beginning of a new chapter for this seminal project.
Robin Fox has been performing his monochromatic green Laser Show worldwide for almost a decade. The premise behind the work is that you see and hear the same electrical signal at the same time creating a manufactured synaesthetic experience. At times sound is converted directly into light geometry and at others the image itself is sonified so you hear the mechanics of the light drawing. In late 2013 he set to work on a new show that employs three laser projectors one red, one green and one blue. This show will be presented for the first time in Berlin during the festival.
The 2016 festival also sees the world premiere of one of the most exciting new collaborations of the year. One of the most highly respected acts in both techno and industrial circles, Orphx have been developing their signature fusion of hypnotic rhythms and experimental noise for the past twenty years. JK Flesh is the outlet for the angry, disenchanted beat and bass-driven side of Justin K. Broadrick (of Napalm Death and Godflesh fame). Together these two inimitable pillars of the dark experimental techno scene present their one-off live project at Atonal
From the outskirts of New Orleans to the centre of Berlin come Second Woman, the incredible new collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv for its world premiere outing, while UF, the to-date Atonal exclusive project that unites techno trouble-maker Samuel Kerridge and OAKE, make their first return to the Kraftwerk main stage since their memorable performance in 2014.
Mutant-techno-maniacs Marshstepper also arrive in force for a performance that cannot be predicted, but probably will not be forgotten. Also making the trip from the U.S. are Prostitutes (Spectrum Spools, Diagonal, Digitalis, Opal Tapes), Ron Morelli official (head-honcho of L.I.E.S.) and 51717 (aka the solo project of New Yorker Lili Schulder) for live shows.
Early Bird passes sold out within the first hours and the contingent of Festival Passports is nearing its capacity. Day tickets will be released after next month’s announcement which will release the full schedule for the five days in August.

ORG Systems UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Frankfurter Allee 14
10247 Berlin