19. July 2016
Third Announcement | Berlin Atonal 16

Berlin Atonal is happy to publically announce the remaining names added to its already overflowing roster of performances, aftershow parties, screenings and special presentations, while also releasing the daily schedule for the five big days and nights next month. Alessandro Cortini returns to the Kraftwerk after his overwhelmingly moving performance last year to premiere a new audio-visual show. The visual component - based around Super 8 footage taken from his grandfather’s personal archive - blends with his sonically expansive musical canvas to link a remembered past with an expressively interpreted present. Entitled AVANTI, this world premiere performance will be presented as the festival’s concluding concert on Sunday 28.08. Joining the opening night performances are Recent Arts (the duo formed by Chilean visual artist Valentina Berthelon and German musician Tobias Freund) with a new project entitled The History of Darkness, and Scott Monteith (otherwise known as Deadbeat) to premiere his own new work entitled Qawalli Quatsch. Before the shows upstairs Max Loderbauer has been commissioned to present a reinterpretation of Steve Reich’s seminal “Piano Phase” (1967) for the Buchla Synthesiser.


Also added to the main stage line-up are MM/KM (the collaborative result of various sonic roadtrips by musical auteurs Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse), Felix K + Ena (uniting leftfield German electronic producer Felix K and visionary Japanese producer Ena), shadowy ambient techno collective Σ (Summe), and Yves de Mey (fresh from his brilliant recent release on Spectrum Spools). Russell Haswell has been invited to curate a programme on Stage Null on the opening night. Entitled Recapitulate, the intention of this project is to stimulate and represent some shared collective flashback to the mid-90s. To this end he has invited Peter Rehberg (PITA) boss of Editions Mego, and mythical collective farmersmanual (for a special 3 hour comeback show). He also presents, the following evening, a stream-of-consciousness trip through the bowels of YouTube with commentary. Marcus Schmickler - a key figure in German contemporary experimental music scene - will perform a special light/sound concert on Stage Null prior to the Main Stage programme beginning on Saturday. Other pre-concert presentations include a retrospective of the early film works of Steina + Woody Vasulka (Friday), the aforementioned show by Max Loderbauer (Wednesday) and online “tour” with Russell Haswell (Thursday), and on Sunday, a special performance by The Chi Factory who bring their inimitable sounds into Kraftwerk Berlin, 30 years after the original conception of the project and following their eye-opening recent reissue on Astral Industries.


The aftershow parties continue long into the night over the 5 days. New additions include Donato Dozzy + Lory D playing a very special 4 hour double show, a rare appearance by Headless Horseman in the Tresor vault, Ectomorph, Ike Release and Aleksi Perälä all playing live shows, and sets from, among many others Jonas Kopp, DJ Sotofett, Dresvn, Resom, Sleep D and Alvin Aronson (with some guests still under wraps). On Friday night in OHM, Pinch headlines a night which also includes Headhunter, Low Jack and a live set from Imaginary Forces, while on Wednesday the guys from Latency have pasted together a lineup consisting of Nuel, ENA and Joachim Nordwall who plays live. In the newly introduced Projektionsraum, panoramic audio-visual projections will play throughout the night. Carla Chan (Wednesday), Yuxi.Cao (Thursday), Luis Sanz (Friday), Recent Arts (Saturday) and Rainer Kohlberger (Sunday) are the artists who have created pieces for this platform - each with a day dedicated to their work. N.K. Projekt returns to Berlin Atonal for the 4th year in a row with 3 nights of musical programming at OHM. Featuring artists such as Pan Daijing, Yoni Silver, Group A, PURE, Marta Zapporeli, Bernd Schurer and Benjamin Flesser, these showcases represent N.K.’s ethos of promoting experimentation, discourse and unique forms of practice in the realms of sound art, performance art, music and technology.

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